AMCIR 2017 (Asociación Mexicana de Cirugía Robótica)

The Mexican Association of Robotic Surgery A.C. (AMCIR) celebrated its inaugural ceremony on December 2, 2017 in Mexico City. It is a project carried out thanks to the vision of Dr. Javier A. Kuri Osorio, who in collaboration with Dr. Luis Ernesto Gallardo Valencia and Dr. Itzel Vela Sarmiento started the creation of this project at the end of 2016.
Currently Dr. Javier Kuri Osorio, Dr. Luis Gallardo Valencia and Dr. Itzel Vela Sarmiento serve as founding members of this association, and as members of the board President, Vice-president and general secretary.
The Mexican Association of Robotic Surgery A.C. has the purpose of promoting the development and growth of robotic surgery in the country, providing the necessary means so that more and more surgeons have the necessary training for the implementation of this technology and to provide the highest level of surgery to the entire Mexican population. This association works to disseminate, educate, develop and regulate robotic surgery in Mexico.
The Mexican Association of Robotic Surgery A.C. is organized into Chapters according to the different specialties that use the benefits of this technology. The chapters are: General and Gastrointestinal Surgery, Hepatobiliary Surgery and Transplants, Oncological Surgery - Colon and Rectum, Urological Surgery, Gynecological Surgery and Pediatric Surgery. Each of the chapters is under the direction of a president and a cabinet that work under the regulation of the Mexican Association of Robotic Surgery.
Likewise, during the process of conformation of the association we talked with Dr. Eduardo Parra Ávila, to request the support of the Society of Robotic Surgery (SRS) which he agreed to, with the aim of having an international projection of our Society, especially to be able to have an academic and formative relationship with an already established society such as the SRS.